Aqua-Tank Collapsible Water Tank


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AQUA-TANKs are manufactured from high quality, BPA free, non-toxic 500D UV and mould resistant heavy-duty PVC.

The easy to assemble AQUA-TANK, collects beneficial rainwater from your roof gutters to use for watering your plants or it is equally suitable indoors.

Grow healthy, happy plants, reduce your water bills and play your part in helping the environment. And in the off season, your AQUA-TANK can be folded up and neatly stored away and brought out again when your garden needs it the most, in the warmer months.

AQUA-TANK is very popular with the hydroponic and horticulture industries as reservoirs and nutrient tanks due to their high quality and reliability. Fits where other tanks or reservoirs can’t and can be packed away in seconds!



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1000L, 100L, 225L, 400L, 50L, 750L


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