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The DeBudder Edge is the newest innovation from Original 420 Brand for saving time and money when manually bucking your favourite flower during harvest. After the overwhelming demand of the original DeBudder Bucket Lid the need for a commercial size manual bucking tool was realized and the crew at Original 420 Brand delivered! The DeBudder Edge brings the exact same bucking channels as the DeBudder Bucket Lid but on a straight edge that can be securely mounted on the edge of a plastic, wood or metal table, it also mounts well on large 20 gallon Rubbermaid tubs. With 10 mounting points the DeBudder Edge is sturdy and strong for the largest growers! With the next generation design of the DeBudder Edge, medium to large scale growers can now enjoy significant time and money savings during harvest! The new design allows for any stem length and pays for itself in 30 minutes of less saving you up to 80% in time all while not damaging flower!

  • Patented solid one piece design
  • Pays for itself in 30 minutes or less with up to 80% time savings
  • 6 unique stem channels to handle all length, sizes and shapes of stems
  • 10 mounting points secures DeBudder Edge, mounting hardware included
  • Use on wood, plastic or metal tables, also works great on industrial 20 gallon Rubbermaid tubs

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects with a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. Use on fresh green buds or wait until the drying room is at 57 – 63 per cent humidity. This is the perfect time to remove the buds from the stems
  2. Attach the DeBudder Edge to any wooden work surface above an appropriate collection container using the provided screws.
  3. While holding the bottom of stem, insert stem pointing away from your body into an appropriately sized notch.
  4. With a firm grip, quickly pull stem back and downwards in one smooth motion. Buds fall gently into the container. Empty container as needed.


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