Emerald Harvest Kickstarter Kit


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Emerald Harvest Kickstarter Kit


If it’s not grown with Emerald Harvest, it’s not an Emerald Harvest.

This ultimate 2-part hydroponics sample starter kit features the easy-to-use Cali Pro Professional Base Nutrient Series. Emerald Harvest has won the “Best Nutrient Company” award 5 straight times as voted by our community at Dope Magazine Industry Awards.

Why choose the 2-Part Cali Pro Kick Starter Kit?


Hydroponic growers bump up their results with this kit. It pairs our premium 2-part professional base nutrients with a powerful bloom booster, a premium plant tonic, plus supplements to increase resins and build massive roots. Get ready to grow!


The 2-Part Kick Starter Kit includes 1 Ltr each of

  • Cali Pro Grow A & B
  • Cali Pro Bloom A & B
  • King Kola,
  • Honey Chome and
  • Root Wizard
  • Emerald Goddess


Emerald Harvest


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