Lumatek 400W Indoor Sun HPS Kit



Lumatek 400W digital ballasts are dimmable and produce consistent stable light output which is ideal for pharmaceutical agriculture, controlled-environment horticulture and other uses where precise regulated output is essential.

Lumatek ballasts are microprocessor-controlled and feature intelligent start with sequential switching to light lamp faster with safe management of inrush current and balanced load across ring circuit to avoid tripping breakers. When dimming or boosting lamp the ballast uses ’soft dim feature’ to change power output gradually to protect lamp.

This ballast is small and compact in design, operates silently with no noisy fan and only weighs 2.5Kg making it easy to handle and mount.

Lumatek 400W digital ballast is extremely efficient producing very little heat and for safety uses full circuit protection including open/short circuit, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification and EMI suppression.

Lumatek use the best quality electronics components and our design ensures longer lamp life with minimum PAR/PPF output loss over time and is dramatically less than traditional magnetic ballasts. Lumatek ballasts light both HPS and MH lamps (please note that Super Lumens (SL) switch cannot be engaged for MH lamps).

Four power-output settings at 250W, 250SL, 400W & 400SL. Boost power by 10% by selecting SL settings.

Electronic ballast for 250W, 400W & 600W HPS or MH lamps
No audible noise, no flicker
EMI suppression certified

Indoor Sun HPS 400W

The HPS series is designed to deliver flowering grow light. HPS Series has also a high level of lumen which is an excellent option for both horticultural and commercial lighting requirements.

Hortitek Dimpled Medium Batwing | 4M E39

Hortitek® Batwing shades are for indoor gardeners looking to boost the available light in the grow room. Includes adjustable lamp holder to suit all lamps. They are double insulated and fireproof, which makes it one of the safest Batwings on the market.


Reflector Light Hangers (Pack of 2)

Maximise growth with proper light position

Great way to maintain optimum reflector distance from plants

Each pack includes;
2 x Hangers
2 x Mounting Hooks





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