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HOLLAND’s next generation of pioneering research and development based on optimized growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma.


  • Basis A+B 500mL SET
  • Start-R 250mL
  • C-4 250mL
  • Ultimate PK 250mL
  • Vitalize 30mL

Mills Starter Pack is perfect for growers looking to use the same range for all of their plants’ needs but they don’t need large amounts of product. These fertilizers and additives guarantee amazing results in as far as flavor yield, size and resin quantity. It’s perfect for both professional growers and those that don’t have much experience. Mills’ special formula ensures that their products can be used in hydroponic, coco coir and peat substrates.

Start-R is a product designed to increase root growth in your plants, allowing them to absorb many more nutrients, which you’ll be giving them later on.

Basis A+B is the nutritional base you’ll be giving your plants during the growth and flowering periods. You’ll need to use the same dosage of both parts and mix them into your nutrient solution separately.

Vitalize is Mills’ most complete product, it contains quality silicon that improves your plants’ overall development and flowering process, increasing strength too.

C4 is their first flowering stimulant that’s used to get your plants to start growing enormous buds much faster, and to give it the energy to do so. It also increases resin yield and intensifies aroma.

PK is their second stimulant used to fatten flowers; thanks to C4 your plants’ buds will fully close and become incredibly compact, covered in a thick layer of resin as well as becoming much more potent. It’s used during the critical bud fattening phase.

How to use:

  • Add Vitalize to your water before any other product and mix correctly.
  • Next, add in Basis A+B, using the same amount of both. Add them separately, first A and then B.
  • Add the rest of stimulants one by one, mixing after each product.
  • The optimal pH range for using these products is between 5.8 and 6.2.
  • You shouldn’t have to worry about checking the pH too much because these products are easily absorbed, and shouldn’t accumulate in your chosen substrate.




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