Nutrifield Coco Perlite Blend 50L


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Nutrifield Coco Perlite Blend 50L

Coco Perlite consists of a blend of 70% high-quality desiccated coconut husk (coir) and 30% perlite, making it a reliable and easy to use substrate for hydroponic systems. The RHP certification ensures that the mix of coir and perlite maintains a high level of consistency and quality, is pest and disease free, thoroughly rinsed, pH stabilised, pre-buffered with calcium, and has a very low salt index.
Coco Perlite has a good balance between liquid retention and drainage, allowing gardeners to supply nutrient solutions more frequently to ensure the consistency of nutrient profiles. Coco Perlite is an ideal substrate to ensure that nutrients are present and available during plant growth.



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