Phresh Silenced HyperFan V2(6″) Filter Kit 150MM x 500MM


Silenced Phresh Hyper Fan V2
The Silenced Phresh HyperFan V2 gives you all the quality features of the HyperFan with up to 70% reduction in noise.

Phresh Silenced HyperFan V2
The Silenced HyperFan V2™ has all the same advantages of a standard HyperFan V2 but without the noise. Silenced HyperFan V2 are dB rated at 70% less noise than standard versions. Silenced HyperFan V2 offer advanced engineering over competing brands including spring mounted motors and dB specific foam. Spring mounts dramatically reduce both vibration and resonance to ensure they are as silent as possible. Detachable speed controllers come with every fan and connect/disconnect easily via the new and improved RJ14 ports. 6 meters of RJ14 cable is also included. Controller cables can now be extended up to 12 meters if required.

Speed controller and 6m cord included
Dual sleeve collar for universal fitting
0-10V controller compatible
Suits Gavita ELF (GEN-2) master controllers
Compatible with Climate Control V2 (sold separately)
2 Year Warranty

Model 150mm 200mm 250mm
Diameter (mm / Inches) 150 / 6 200 / 8 250 / 10
Max Flow (m3/hr) 560 1230 1840
Max Flow (L/s) 156 342 512
Max Flow (CFM) 330 725 1084
Pressure (Pa) 545 560 610
Voltage (Volts AC) 240 240 240
Max Power Usage (Watts) 42 90 180
Suggested Grow Area (m) 2 x 2 x 2 2 x 4 x 2 4 x 4 x 2
Length (mm) 540 690 860
Width (mm) 238 288.5 338.6
Weight (kg) 5 6.8 9
Fan Noise on LOW (dB) 32 32 29
Fan Noise on HIGH (dB) 51 52 57


Mountain Air Filter 150MM x 500MM

Mountain Air are the gold standard of carbon filters and have been so for 14 years. In survey after survey it has been named best in class and has been voted North America’s best filter for many years. You will never find a grower who has chosen to move away from Mountain Air.

Duct Acoustic R0.6 | 150mm x 6m

Acoustic ducting serves a special purpose of dampening the noise generated by an extraction fan. To achieve this, foam padding is added to the walls of the duct, with the added benefit of insulating heat that passes through extraction fans.

Kit comprises of

  • Phresh Silenced HyperFan V2 150mm
  • Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150mm x 500mm
  • Duct Acoustic R0.6 | 150mm x 6m
  • Rope Ratchet Hanger | 24KG


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