Pinelab 4×4 Hi-Par 315W CMH Tent Kit


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This Pinelab 4×4 Hi-Par 315W CMH Tent Kit equips you with the best product to start growing your cultivar of choice. CMH technology will help increase the natural oil production of your plant while maintaining high yielding results. From growing vegetables to plants grown for essential oils and also cultivating house plants, this tent kit got you covered. This kit qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.

This kit comprises of,

  • Pinelab 4×4 Grow Tent
  • HI-PAR 315w Sunstorm Hortiv Horiz Controllable kit
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan Pro AC 150mm
  • Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150mm x 500mm
  • Ducting PVC Coated 150mm x 4.5m
  • Hydro Axis Mechanical Timer
  • Rope Ratchet Hanger | 24KG
  • Roller Hanger | Pack of 2



Pinelab have landed to bring controlled growth tents into 2019! The new range from Pinelab™ features the most advanced cultivation tents for home gardens; with more accessories and adaptability than any other. Tailor your grow with precision and excellence in design. Practical duct outlets, unique drainage options, window filters, cable grommets and gear board incorporated into the build, just to start.

This is the ultimate Swiss army knife of grow tents. Pinelab uses military-grade 600D oxford cloth and the most reflective white synthetic film interior providing the highest possible percentage increase in reflectivity and PAR uniformity of any material available. Optimized for CMH, LED and HPS fixtures alike. Their unique white film interior has a >95% reflectivity rating while being waterproof and reducing hotspots found when using ‘mylar’. Their innovative reflective material is algae, mould and mildew resistant; ensuring you have the perfect clean environment!

Pinelab was designed by gardeners and engineers throughout Humboldt County and Australia. They strived to deliver the most practical solutions for gardeners, by gardeners. You won’t be disappointed when you install the latest range from Pinelab.


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