Pinelab 4×4 Super Growth Tent Kit


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This Super Growth Tent Kit will deliver super yield in a small space! Kitted out with top quality products that will ensure a smooth run with a bountiful harvest. This kit qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.

This kit comprises of the following items,

  • Pinelab 4×4 Grow Tent
  • Hi-Par 600w 400v Digital Ballast
  • Philips Son-T 600w Globe
  • Hortitek Medium Batwing
  • Phresh Hyperfan V2 150mm
  • Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150 x 500mm
  • Ducting PVC Coated
  • Roller Hanger
  • Rope Ratchet Hanger
  • Hydro Axis Hygrometer
  • Hydro Axis Mechanical Timer


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