Professor’s Nutrients Terpene Gold




Professor’s Terpene Gold is a 100% organic and natural additive. It is used during the flowering stage of a plants growth to increase the production of resin and to give a better aroma and flavour of the essential oils.

What are Terpenes used for?

Terpenes help to create sticky and sweet smelling buds. Each bud on a plant is covered in tiny oil glands (trichlomes) which produce resin. The glaze that covers a plant is made up of trichlomes and the more trichlomes that are present the more essintial oils that are produced.

Terpen Gold increases the number of oil producing glands while also helping to perfect the quality of the plant’s oil, resulting in more pure and potent oils.

The Benefits of using Professor’s Terpene Gold

  • Increases resin and stickiness in plants
  • Improves the quality of a plants flowers and fruit
  • Increases the plants essential oil production
  • More aromatic buds with a stronger flavour
  • Increses potency and deepens the taste


  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Compatible with all types of nutrients


  • Hydroponic dosage: (Week 1-2 during Flower) Add 2ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of Nutrient solution – (Week 3-7 during Flower) Add 4ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of Nutrient solution
  • Soil dosage: Add 2ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of Nutrient solution


Professor’s Nutrients

Professor’s Nutrients are made centered around three main goals – creating a range that guarantees powerful results, is of utmost premium quality, and is simple and straightforward to use.

Three guys, one vision.

To develop a 100% Australian made, high quality nutrient range for both mineral based and organic hydroponic growers.

It was imperative that products remain Australian made. This means the team at Professor’s are able to oversee all areas of manufacturing, ensuring all products remain pure and clean throughout the production process, meeting all strict quality guidelines.

Having products made within Australia also eliminates often lengthy overseas shipping time, which means Professor’s products can be in customers hands just days out of the production plant. This guarantees growers with a constant supply of fresh nutrients.

The complete package.

Along with a successful plant nutrient, the brand also includes a range of high quality additives for maximum performance; ranging from products designed for propagation, deficiency prevention, root growth, vegetative and flowering boosters and enhancers.

The Professor’s range of nutrients is constantly evolving, and the team are always striving to keep up to date with what is current by aiming to have products which are on point and relevant. What makes the team at Professor’s unique is their willingness to work with and listen to growers. Once each product has been lab tested and created, the team is actively involved in ensuring each product delivers superior results.

With many people now turning to organics to compliment their holistic lifestyle, the team at Professor’s have created an organic range of nutrients to suit their needs. This range was designed for growers who wanted the same results they were achieving with their usual nutrients, but to do so through a more natural process.

The biggest reward and most satisfying aspect of manufacturing is receiving positive feedback. Anyone can create a product, but what brings the customers back are products that work.

Whether you’re seedlings have just sprouted, or your garden is ready for harvest – we’ve got you covered.

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