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Bloom is a complete fertilizer mix of N, P, and K in a single bottle that gives your plants with less nitrogen and more potash to help them flower more fully in the later phases of development.

The two newest and most sophisticated single-part plant nutrient solutions we’ve ever created are Rock Fusion and Bloom. Rock Fusion will generate a pure water solution of 800ppm in concentration with just 8ml per gallon. From the start to the end, your crop will be aided by Dual Bloom and Growth Fusion.

We believe that the Rock Fusion range, which includes FUSION GROW and FUSION BLOOM, is the most potent, concentrated single part nutrients we can make. Both of these are stronger than comparable two-part treatments.The concentrated strength of FUSION is not its only benefit. The Nutrient Density technology utilized by Rock Fusion Nutrients means that there are significantly more active components available to the plant than in other solutions. Every container contains all of the elements for big harvests, with flowers that are tightly packed together.




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