Root Air Pruning Pot 28L


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Air-pruning pots stimulate rapid development of plants and roots. The unique design takes advantage of the plant’s own mechanism to promote root growth by air pruning the roots as soon as they touch the holes in the bubbles. The plant will not get root-bound since it has a more fibrous root system rather than developing a tap root.

When a growing medium is properly prepared, it creates ideal conditions for root branching and the formation of many new roots to adjacent cusps. The process repeats at an increasing rate until the growth medium is occupied with fresh new roots. When all of the pore space in the growth media has been filled with roots, development slows significantly. In equilibrium with its root system, tree head growth decreases as well. Plants can be kept for much longer in these pots than in other containers. The roots do not spiral, and the plants appear to be healthy. When the Air Pruning Pot is removed from the tree, active roots will grow outwards and downwards to colonize the new area. The tree develops at a breakneck speed.


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